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    Historic Milestones
    1984 鈥?Paidel Watch Co., Ltd. established in Taiwan.
    1990 鈥?Filluck International LTD. established in Hong Kong.
    1995 鈥?Paidel Watch Co., Ltd. established in DongGuan. We started assembling and packaging by our own.
    1998 鈥?Factory expanded, building watches from tooling to product.
    2004 鈥?Dongguan Filluck Watch Co., Ltd. finally established on our property.
    Company Information
    Filluck is an experienced, reliable designing manufacturer that has been creating and making watches and accessories for more than 30 years. We have a long upstanding reputation of professionalism and excellent quality standards. Our industry integrates Research and Development under ODM and OEM Projects to create and produce Contemporary Elegant Designs of Time Pieces. Thus, we facilitate our valued customers to acquire wide variety of Watch Collections to boost up their Sales, and explore New Global Markets with our full support for After Sales Service. Our customers are all over Europe, North & South America, Australia, Middle East and South East Asia.
    Our Product
    Alloy quartz watch, Stainless Steel quartz watch, Alloy accessory and Stainless Steel accessory
    Quality Certifications
    ISO9001:2008, Quality Management System Certificate
    Filluck has passed ISO9001-2000 certification in 2000 to make the production more reasonable and perfect internal management. In July, 2009, passed ISO9001-2008(design and production of quartz watch and accessories) certification.
    Worldwide Partners
    Always ahead than other competitors and growing day by day. Build good relationships and trusts with customers. Therefore, it is an honor to have LAROS, TIMEX, TECHNOS, MARY KAY, AVON, WALMART, ALDO, etc. as our partners.
    Our Advantages
    Over 10 R&D persons in the company which make our products unique in the field. Each product combines modern design, technical and environmental friendly elements, which letting us to provide the latest, the most modern and the healthiest products to consumers.Insisting management of international view of science professional development锛宲owered by products development and technical development. Increase the competitiveness in the same enterprises. Stable the quality of the products, variety the goods to satisfy different customers.China Silicone Strap Watches suppliers