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    *Core Material: Cold-rolled oriented silicon steel or non oriented silicon steel
    *Material grades: various including 23ZH85,23ZH105,27ZH105,30ZH120,H500,etc.
    *Ribbon thickness: 0.1mm,0.23mm,0.27mm,0.30mm,0.35mm,0.5mm
    *core shape: toroidal or ovel
    *Finish type: impregnated bare core,or epoxy resin coating or casing.
    *low iron loss and high initial permeability .
    *high Bs(Bs=1.7-2.0T)

    *50HZ-400HZ transformers,
    *current transformers,
    *AC/DC reactors
    *choke coils and other magnetic components in electronic equipment;

    Customizable specification as follows:
    Part NoCore Size(mm)core buildstrip thicknessmaterial grades
    ODIDH(strip width)mmmm/
    STXXXXXX10~5005~5005~100>2as per specoptional or as per design
    Note:Specification complete, only part of common specification on this table.Special size can be inquired and custom-made. China Silicon Steel Core