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    TTM Introduction
    1.Our History
    Top Talent Chcking Fixture Manufacturing Co.,LTD was founded in 2011 which is a professional design and manufacturing all kinds of auto parts fixture and welding jig.
    Out company has many advanced equipments which are imported from Taiwan and overseas, annual output can reach 800-1000sets. Our main end customers have Porsche、Lamborghini、BMW Nissan、GM、Ford etc.
    2.Our Factory
    Our company currently has total 86 employees including professional engineers and senior technician who take up 80% of the whole company adn 20 designers with years of experience in checking fixture and welding jigs. At the sane time, we have professional technicians in CMM inspection and fixtures assemble. We have long-time business cooperation with the well-known domestic automobile manufacturers and auto parts manufacturers.
    3.Our Product
    TTM Products includes the following:
    3D CMM Holding Fixtures(Just pilot datum&clamp)
    Single stamping checking fixtures
    Single plastic checking fixtures
    Single Carbon Fibre Checking Fixture
    Assemble stamping parts checking fixtures
    Assemble plastic checking fixtures
    Assemble Carbon Fibre Checking Fixture
    Hot Forming Checking Fixture
    Cubin Checking Fixture
    White Body Checking Fixture
    Welding Jigs
    4.Production Equipment
    In the manufacturing process, we pay attention to all details, every components are machined by the high precision CNC and other machines. All of them have to be measured and approved by 3D CMM before any assembly.Our Company is aspired to use the newest and adequate Technologies, to make our customers and ourselves satisfied in every time.

    5.Test Equipment
    Our good trained personnel will take care every time in every program we have. We can do every requirement from the customer, to have the biggest satisfaction in the CMM as well.

    6.ISO certification

    7.Our Sales
    2011 exported 0.50 Million $ in sales
    2012 exported 1.35 Million $ in sales
    2013 exported 1.70 Million $ in sales
    2014 exported 3.00 Million $ in sales
    2015 exported 4.50 Million $ in sales
    2016 on target 6.60 Million $ in salesGom gauge for assembly car parts manufacturers China